In 1939 Evert van den Bor (born in 1910) founded an egg trade business under the name Van den Bor in Nijkerkerveen. Every day he travelled to Amsterdam by train and delivery bicycle to sell eggs to dairy shops. It was here that Chinese restaurants  procured their eggs for their Fou Yong Hai or Nasi Goreng. Van der Bor then figured he could just as well deliver directly to the Chinese restaurants. The wholesale company as we know it was established after World War II. The business was expanded with products like soy sauce, soybean-oil, vinegar and ham. In the following years the company became a specialized wholesaler for Chinese restaurants. 

At work at the egg sorter.Just arrived: prawn crackers
In 1976 Ebo starts as a wholesaler in Chinese and Oriental products in Purmerend,  enlarging the assortment with a selection of Italian products in 1987. After more than 20 years Ebo and Van den Bor merge and continue under the name of Horecagroothandel Ebo van den Bor Nijkerk BV.

The trailer park many years ago.The trailer park in 2004.Trailer park in 2008
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In  that same year the company  moves to the current address at Beurtschipper in Nijkerk. A location with a large storage facility including separate areas for frozen and fresh products.

In the ensuing years they take over Kuivenhoven in Ridderkerk, Ling Hou in Alblasserdam, Sietsma in Waalwijk, Gert Visser in Huizen, Cesar Food in Pijnacker, Choi Kwai in Huissen and Wei Sing in Amsterdam. By bringing together the different qualities of these companies, a high service level organisation with competitive pricing for their customers emerges.
The Van den Bor brothers sell their family company to Alpinvest (NIBC) in 1998. In 2003 Aaldering Holding takes over the company and in the following years Ebo van den Bor develops into a very healthy organisation with  the broadest assortment for the Oriental and Mediterranean restaurant business.

In 2007 a Thai product range and in 2008 a Japanese product range were added to the  collection. This expansion gives Ebo van den Bor the possibility to offer its customers an even more complete choice of products. The result is an assortment of over thousands of products, which can be delivered from our own warehouse.